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(pH Level : 4.00-5.00)
Thirsty, color-treated hair with a burst of moisture from this luxurious conditioner. Quench Daily Conditioner offers a multitude of deep-penetrating peptides that strengthen the hair shaft, replenishing the appearance of youthful hair. Vitamins and minerals smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in shine. Color Retention Quench Daily Conditioner contains Certified Organic Extracts that promote its color retention and anti-aging benefits. To revitalize and maintain salon-grade hair extensions, add the Color Retention Quench Sulfate Free Shampoo and Color Retention Quench Daily Conditioner to your weekly cleansing regimen to promote a longer use.

Paraben free vegan Conditioner

SKU: 36523641234523
  • As our products are organic and vegan, they do not produce a large amount of foam. Also, absence of artificial moisturizers would require using more of the product in order to achieve the desired softening effect (for the conditioners) and foam (for shampoos).


    *Helpful tip:  A large amount of foam and moisture are usually generated by the ingredients that may contain harmful preservatives. 

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