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* To restore structure of the hair we use only high-quality products of world-famous brands.


CUT & STYLING: Shampoo & ...


Short haircut (mens short hair)            $40

Haircut ("Pixie" Women's short hair)     $65

Haircut (medium or long hair)              $65

Haircut (extra thick or extra long hair)  $80
Shampoo & Blow Dry (basic straight)    $50

Shampoo & Blow Dry (bouncy waves)   $65


Roots Touch Up (dyeing or bleaching)   $70

                   dry only, no styling

Single Process  (short hair)                  $100

           dry only, no styling

Single Process (medium/long)             $140

           blow out is included  

                   toner is not included

Toner (semi-permanent hair dye)          $60

          dry only, no styling  

AirTouch (with toner & shadow)          $300 

                  blow out is included  

Balayage (with toner)                        $300

          blow out is included  

Ombre (with toner)                           $300

           blow out is included  

Foilyage (with toner & shadow)          $300

           blow out is included  

Partial Highlights (10 foils)                 $130

           blow out is included  

                  toner is not included

Highlights (half a head/medium/long)  $200

          blow out is included  

                 toner is not included

Highlights (full head/medium/long)     $270

          blow out is included  

                 toner is not included

Gloss (Redken)                                    $60

                 dry only, no styling

Money Piece  (blond around the face)  $150

                   blow out is included  

Color design              BY CONSULTATION

Color correction         BY CONSULTATION

Additional OLAPLEX procedures     $50 extra

  • For highlighting the hair, we use - L'Oréal, Joico or Schwachkopf bleach.

  • For a permanent hair dyeing we use - "Schwachkopf " (Igora Royal) brand. 

  • For a semipermanent hair dyeing or for toning, we use - "Wella Professional" brand.




Deep Conditioning             $35 without heat

Deep Treatment Mask        $50 without heat


Deep Conditioner - it is more powerful and stronger stuff than a regular, daily conditioner. Deep conditioner penetrates into the top layer of a hair and envelops them, thus protecting and nourishing the hair, providing them with all necessary ingredients that hair has lost due to negative external influences or at a coloring process. 
Deep conditioner is applied to the hair on 1-2 minutes, without using heat. After a couple of minutes washed it with warm water.

Deep treatment mask - it is more profound hair treatment. Deep treatment mask penetrates into the deeper layer of the hair and treat them from the inside by nourishing the hair, ensuring their with all the necessary ingredients, protecting the hair from external negative influences.
Deep treatment mask is applied to the hair for 10-15 minutest and then washed off with warm water.

Services Brief List

 Extra long or thick hair?  

12" inches - medium length (Above Shoulders)  

14" inches - long length (Shoulder Length)       

24" inches - extra long length (Down to Bottom-

-from the waist and down)

 At coloring process

we charge extra fee for: 

 extra thick or extra long hair $ 50 additional 

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